Review of Three is a War by Pam Godwin

Danni Angelo was ready to walk away from the two men she loved, but they’re not ready to let her go yet in the third Tangled Lies story, Three is a War.They still want her to choose between them, even though she could come to a decision the first time. Cole is the first man she […]

Review of Love Another Day by Lexi Blake

When Brody Carter walked away from Dr. Stephanie Gibson in Sierra Leone, he was determined to cut all ties with her in Love Another Day.So determined that he deleted all of her phone messages for the last year. But when Stephanie shows up at McKay-Taggart in Texas saying someone wants to kill her, Brody is on the […]

Review of Revenge by Lexi Blake

Drew Lawless was so close to getting what he wanted before he found out his mother was still alive and responsible for his father’s death and almost killing himself and his siblings. To get Revengenow, he needs to keep his siblings in the dark. So he decides to hire investigative reporter Shelby Gates to help […]

Review of Thousands by Pepper Winters

Elder Prest wasn’t expecting Pimlico, the girl he rescued from slavery, to walk away to save him, but that’s just what she did in the fourth Dollar story, Thousands.He thinks he can walk away from her as well, but soon finds his obsession with her won’t allow that to happen. As they come back together, […]

Review of Rituals by Kelley Armstrong

In the fifth and last Cainsville story, Rituals,Olivia Taylor-Jones, aka Eden Larsen, is finally learning about the deals that were made to cure her spina bifida and how there is a third group looking for her to cast her lot with them to ensure their continued livelihood. The Slaugh were the ones who cured her […]