Review of Gideon by Alex Gordon

In Gideon, Illinois, families of witches have lived for hundreds of years, protecting the world from demons. But the burning of a corrupt witch almost two hundred years ago has left a taint on Gideon and the people who reside there. The man they burned, Nicholas Blaine,¬†has been waiting to return and his opportunity is […]

Review of Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon

When his employee and old friend is murdered, book store owner and aspiring author Adrien English finds himself the prime suspect in the investigation in Fatal Shadows.When strange things and another murder happen, Adrien knows he needs to find the killer himself, because it looks like he’s next on the agenda. I enjoy Josh Lanyon’s […]

Review of Two Brutes, One Barista by Shaye Marlow

J.D. is hiding out in Alaska with his two crazy brothers when he meets adorable barista Thea in Two Brutes, One Barista.J.D isn’t in a good place personally. He lost his MMA title when he broke his collar bone, then reinjured his arm and now has frozen shoulder, so he can’t fight at all. He […]

Review of Two Captains, One Chair by Shaye Marlow

Suzy loves her job as a river barge captain and she’s perfectly happy until someone steals¬†Georgette, the gold nugget left to her by a dying man in Two Captains, One Chair.Knowing almost everyone that lives on the river, Suzy decides to investigate on her own, starting with Ed, the son of the man who gave […]

Review of Two Cabins, One Lake by Shaye Marlow

Fishing guide and erotic novelist Helly likes her little cabin by the lake, where it’s usually quite and peaceful in Two Cabins, One Lake. But when her new neighbor, Gary, moves in next door, her life is suddenly filled with the noise of a helicopter, loud music and fireworks, which promptly set fire to her […]