Review of The Neighborhood by Stylo Fantome

The story of Katya, Wulf and Liam continues in The Neighborhood.Katya wants to the two men to feel even a little of the pain they’ve caused her and decides to get back at both of them by turning the tables. But it doesn’t turn out the way she expects and makes all of them miserable. […]

Review of Neighbors by Stylo Fantome

Katya Tocci just wants to meet a nice guy when she creates an online dating profile in Neighbors.Then her roommate spices her profile up a little and Katya finds herself dating two different men. Liam lives in the building next door to her and gets to know the new fun loving Katya on their first date […]

Review of Haunted Tales by Terri Reid

In Mary O’Reilly’s newest story, Haunted Tales,Mary investigates the forty year old death of her client’s former school teacher. A pregnant Mary doesn’t think they’ll be any risk to her or her baby, but when it becomes obvious that the killer is still out there, things could get very dangerous for Mary very quickly. There […]

Review of Were Me Out by Robyn Peterman

Sandy Moongie is a geeky, knife wielding, hacker werewolf who’s been avoiding the man who wants to make her his in the fourth Shift Happens story, Were Me Out.Junior Wilson has only recently taken over Alpha duty from his brother Hank and his man-whore reputation is ruining his chance to claim Sandy as his Mate. She […]

Review of Land of the Free by Donna Ball

In the eleventh Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, Land of the Free,Raine is feeling out of her element as her boyfriend Miles Young prepared for the big open house at his new place. She has nothing in common with the celebrities and politicians that will be there. So it’s no surprise that instead of getting ready […]