Review of The Chemistry of Death by Rebecca Cantrell

There’s a killer sharing the subway tunnels under New York City with Joe Tesla in the third book in the series, The Chemistry of Death.After Joe and his service dog Edison make a discovery in a locked stream tunnel room, the hunt is on to uncover what it means. Once they know there’s a killer […]

Review of The Tesla Legacy by Rebecca Cantrell

When Joe Tesla’s father passes away, he leaves behind a suitcase with papers left by Nikola Tesla himself in The Tesla Legacy.But there are others who want the suitcase, hoping it contains Tesla’s mythical earthquake device. Others who are willing to kill for it. Joe doesn’t realize the danger he’s in at first, but when he finds […]

Review of The World Beneath by Rebecca Cantrell

Meet Joe Tesla. A software millionaire who now lives in a Victorian house build beneath Grand Central Station in NYC with his service dog Edison because he suffers from a recent case of agoraphobia in The World Beneath.When Joe and Edison stumble upon a man breaking down a wall that hides a 1940s Presidential train car, […]

Review of Ruthless by Lexi Blake

The Lawless siblings are finally ready to start their quest for revenge in Ruthless.The people behind their parent’s murders twenty years ago need to pay for their sins. But one of the men is now dead and his daughter runs the company that was built with their father’s software. While they don’t want to take […]

Review of Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

When someone tries to frame Ricky for murder, Olivia and Gabriel are quick to come to his defense in the fourth Cainsville novel, Betrayals.Not only do they need to find out why someone is trying to frame him, but who the real murderer is. When they find links to The Hunt, Ricky will need to […]