Review of Where the Wild Things Bite by Molly Harper

Rare book archivist Anna Whitfield is on her way to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to return a book to Vampire Council member Jane Jameson-Nightengale when the pilot of her plane decides to crash it and try to steal the book in the eighth Half-Moon Hollow story, Where the Wild Things Bite.Anna manages to keep hold of […]

Review of Scorch by Liliana Hart

We finally find out the fate of Shane MacKenzie in the seventeenth MacKenzie Family book, Scorch.After being seriously injured while saving his brother Declan’s girlfriend, Shane has found himself discharged from the military and missing the lower part of one of his legs. Shane feels like his life is over since being a SEAL is […]

Review of No Were To Run by Robyn Peterman

Dragon Princess Dima finally gets her story in the third Shift Happens story, No Were To Run.Just months away from her 500th birthday, Dima has a lot to accomplish before she could possibly die. She wants to kill her murderous father and ensure the safety of her four year old son. Even if she fails, […]

Review of Pennies by Pepper Winters

When Tasmin Blythe was abducted and sold into slavery, she ceased to be in the first Dollar book, Pennies.Now, she’s only known was Pimlico and for two years she’s only known rape and abuse at the hands of her Master. That’s when Elder Prest walks into her life. He’s there to make a business deal […]

Review of Cowboy After Dark by Vicki Lewis Thompson

The sixth Thunder Mountain Brotherhood story, Cowboy After Dark,has brothers Liam and Grady Magee delivering the wedding sculpture that Grady created for friends Philomena and Damon. At their cabin, Liam meets Phil’s friend and house sitter, Hope Caldwell. But this isn’t the first time he’s met Hope. She works at a hotel in Cody where […]