Review of One More Shameless Night by Lili Valente

When Harley Mason and Clay Hart travel to Samoa to visit her sister Hannah and her husband Jackson Hawke for the summer in One More Shameless Night,they aren’t even there for twenty-four hours before both of their lives are in danger. Harley from a man who once worked for her former boss and Clay from […]

Review of Crazy Beautiful Love by Lili Valente

When their son is kidnapped, Harley Mason and Clay Hart will have to find a way to work together to infiltrate a party at her boss’s estate to get Jasper back in Crazy Beautiful Love.Posing as a couple, they’ll have to make their act believable. That’s not a problem for Clay, who has finally realized […]

Review of Filthy Wicked Love by Lili Valente

Harley Mason is willing to trust ex-lover and CIA Agent Clay Hart enough to meet his son in Filthy Wicked Love,but it’s quickly obvious that her trust is misplaced when he attempts to leave with their son, Jasper. When her criminal boss shows up, will she be able to find them in time to keep […]

Review of Dirty Twisted Love by Lili Valente

CIA Agent Clay Hart is ready to get his revenge on the woman who broke his heart, ruined his friendship with his best friend and put that friend in jail on false charges in Dirty Twisted Love.But first, he’s going to kidnap her and get her to tell him where their six-year-old son is, before […]

Review of Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Gideon Crew returns for a new adventure, this time accompanied by a newly healthy Eli Glinn, in Beyond the Ice Limit.The two travel back to the site of Glinn’s biggest failure, where a meteorite sank to the bottom of the ocean and became an alien presence waiting for its opportunity to flourish. Will their efforts be […]