Review of The Bard’s Daughter by Sarah Woodbury

Gwen is The Bard’s Daughter,and when her father is found in a room with his dead friend, a harp string around the man’s neck, everyone assumes her father did it. Now, Gwen will have to do everything she can to find out who the real murderer is, including convincing the lord of Garreg Cennen Castle […]

Review of Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

The eighth Fever Novel starts off with a revelation as the still invisible MacKayla Lane spies on Barrons and Ryodan in Feverborn.But that’s nothing compared to what awaits her when she returns to Barrons Books and Baubles. Mac has suddenly found herself persona non-grata amongst the citizens of Dublin now that her secret has been […]

Review of Finding Master Right by Sparrow Beckett

Kate is new to BDSM and her best friend is trying to help her find a Dom in the first Masters Unleashed story, Finding Master Right.Instead, she meets Banner, a Dom looking for a slave, something Kate has no interest in. But Banner is bored and he likes Kate, so he agrees to train her […]

Review of The Good Knight by Sarah Woodbury

In northern Wales in 1143, the murder of King Anarawd on his way to his wedding bring two old friends back together in The Good Knight.Gwen, the daughter of a court bard, and Gareth, who is now a knight under Prince Hywel, have not seen each other in five years, but will now work together […]

Review of Dog Days by Donna Ball

When a lost dog is brought to Raine Stockton in the tenth book of the series, Dog Days,it’s the end of summer, the busiest time of the year in Hansonville, NC. The white golden retriever is covered in blood, but otherwise healthy. When the dog escapes from Raine’s care, she’s eventually found with her owner […]