Review of Bought by the Billionaire series by Lili Valente

Hannah Mason has been in hiding for the past six years after her twin sister dies in a car accident in the Bought by the Billionaire series. Her family is slowly being killed off and now she and her aunt are in jeopardy of loosing their Bed and Breakfast property in Tahiti after damage from a […]

Review of Fresh Blood by Donna Ansari

In the conclusion to the Vampire in the City Series, Fresh Blood,vampire Emma Hammond finds herself in the middle of all the drama. The sleeping vampires are starting to die a permanent death, other vampire clans are coming to take over the city and the werewolves have suddenly thrown in with vampire James, who’s decided […]

Review of Stand by Your Hitman by Leslie Langtry

When Mississippi Bombay gets a letter in the mail saying she’s been accepted for the Canadian TV show, Survival!, she knows something’s up in the third Greatest Hits story, Stand by Your Hitman.Missi soon finds out her mother set her up to be on the show to perform a hit, but she first needs to […]

Review of A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Lawyer Ty Slater is in Sheridan, WY visiting his foster family when he runs into Whitney Jones at the Rangeland Roasters coffee shop in A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe.She recently moved there from the Cheyenne location to manage the new store. Ty had been attracted to her previously, but he’d been seeing someone else at […]

Review of Numbers by Laurann Dohner

We get two books in one in the 14th and 15th New Species stories, Numbers.The first story is about 140, who took the name Mourn because his Mate was already dying by the time the New Species her rescued from Mercile. Now Mourn has a death wish and keeps picking fights in the hope someone […]