Review of Rolling Like Thunder by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Microbrewery owner Finn O’Roarke¬†is visiting the Chance family to help raise money for his foster parent’s Thunder Mountain Academy in Rolling Like Thunder.He’s accompanied by marketing guru Chelsea Trask, who helped him with the marketing for his own business. For five years, he’s avoided getting involved with Chelsea, but now that they’re in such close […]

Review of Married to the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz

Elena Vittoria tries to escape from her abusive mobster boyfriend by fleeing to Montreal, but he’s not willing to let her go that easily in Married to the Bad Boy.She seeks help from the local mob there, but no one wants to get involved with a made man. Then she meets Tony Vidal and offers […]

Review of The Three Wise Guides by Terri Reid

Not long after Mary O’Reilly was shot in the line of duty and started to hear voices, she found out what her new calling would be after she met The Three Wise Guides.Unfortunately, the first¬†ghost she’s expected to help is the man who shot her and Mary refuses. So her three guides show her how […]

Review of Undead and Unforgiven by MaryJanice Davidson

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor is starting to get the hang of running Hell in Undead and Unforgiven.She’s doing it by committee with some of her friends, but just not her husband, Sinclair, who she’s worried will take over like he did with the vampires. Now she’s got bigger fish to fry when her former Antichrist […]

Review of Bumpy Roads by Terri Reid

Just back from her honeymoon with husband Bradley Alden, Mary O’Reilly is faced with a new challenge in Bumpy Roads.Being a step-mother to Bradley’s recently found daughter, Clarissa. Fearing that they won’t want her if they have more children, Clarissa does her best to break them up and cause all kinds of problems for Mary. […]