Review of Hammer of God by Greig Beck

The Arcadian is back for his next adventure in Hammer of God.When giant lumbering men start turning up in the Middle East with nuclear bombs strapped to their backs, Alex Hunter and his small team of HAWCs join Israeli Mossad agent Adira Senesh and her team on a mission to discover the source and stop any […]

Review of Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

The third book in the Cainsville series, Deceptions,Olivia Taylor Jones is finding that her life is still in upheaval. Her ex-fiancé James is stalking her, her boss and lawyer Gabriel is accused of murder and her boyfriend Ricky is at odds with his father over his place in the motorcycle club. Her jailed birth mother […]

Review of The Eternal World by Christopher Farnsworth

What would happen to you if you never died? You can find out one possibility in The Eternal World.Five hundred year old Spanish conquistador Simon De Oliveras found the mythical fountain of youth, but he’s been cut off from the source for some time now and needs to find an alternative to its life giving […]

Review of Cooper: The Ties that Bind by Liliana Hart

As a follow up to Cooper’s story in the MacKenzie Family series, we have Cooper: The Ties that Bind.It’s been six months since Cooper and Claire got married, but Cooper’s been keeping secrets from Claire and it’s about to come to a head. Can they work out their differences? Based on the reviews at Amazon, […]

Review of Fourth Debt by Pepper Winters

The fifth Indebted book, Fourth Debt,takes up where the last book left off. Jethro Hawk and his brother Kes are both dead by their father’s hand, leaving Nila Weaver at the mercy of the remaining Hawk family. They are determined to make her pay for her ancestor’s sins. Can Nila face a future alone as […]