Review of Servicing the Target by Cherise Sinclair

It’s finally Mistress Anne’s turn in the ninth Masters of the Shadowlands novel, Servicing the Target.She’s currently without a submissive and club security guard and doorman, Ben Haugen, has decided he’s ready to find out what all the kink is about and he wants Anne to show him. She’s resistant to the idea at first, […]

Review of Crave by Sierra Cartwright

Two years ago, Sarah Lovett ran away from her life with Reece McRae with no explanation in Crave.Now, she’s enlisted the help of their mutual friend, Julien Bonds, to see Reece again. So she can apologize, beg forgiveness and maybe have one last scene with him so she can get over him. Reece should order […]

Review of Wild by Eliza Gayle

Faith is on a mission to find her sister when she gets bitten by a wolf in the first Devils Point Wolves story, Wild.Unfortunately, she’s arrived in Devils Point during mating season and her sister, Rebel, isn’t at Club Diablo where she works as a stripper. Instead, she finds her sister’s boss, Damien, who agrees […]

Review of Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

A new series starts with the first book of The Great Library series, Ink and Bone.In a dystopian future where The Great Library controls the distribution of all books and no longer allows the common people to own actual paper copies, young Jess Brightwell is the son of an illegal book dealer, brought up with […]

Review of Caged by Lorelei James

We finally get Deacon and Molly’s story in the fourth Mastered Series book, Caged.While out partying with her friends, Molly runs into Deacon at a strip club, where he’s getting a lap dance. He’s been denying the pull between them for a year. He even stood her up for their first date, but never explained […]