Review of Aim to Kill by Allison Brennan

Former police detective Alex Morgan is desperate for a new job when she interrupts an attempted murder at the hotel she’s interviewing at in Aim to Kill, the first story in the Sweet Dreams Boxed Set.But something seems off about the whole thing from the beginning and Alex is soon drawn back into the FBI […]

Review of Some Were in Time by Robyn Peterman

All werewolf Essie McGee wants to worry about is getting married to her Mate Hank Wilson in the second Shift Happens story, Some Were in Time.But they have one last job to do for the WTF (Werewolf Treaty Federation) before they can get married. They need to find out if any of the council are […]

Review of Juneau Heat by Tressie Lockwood

Juneau, Alaska won’t know what hit it after Shiya Keith arrives in town to meet up with a suspected polar bear shifter in Juneau Heat.Not only does she meet sexy veterinarian Birk Rider, but also his equally gorgeous¬†friend Kotori Munro. Both men show an interest in Shiya, but then, they also know exactly who she […]

Review of The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff

Charlotte Gale is off on her own adventure in the second Enchantment Emporium story, The Wild Ways.Charlie, as she’s usually called, has a great opportunity to go east for the summer and tour with her old friends in the Celtic band Grinneal. She convinces her family to let her bring her new cousin Jack, who’s […]

Review of Long Time Gone by Lorelei James

The seventeenth Rough Riders story, Long Time Gone,finally gives us the love story of Kimi West and Calvin McKay. Cal is a rancher tied to the land, while Kimi can’t wait to get far away from Wyoming. When they meet, Kimi is almost seventeen and Cal is twenty-four, but he’s so taken with her, he’s […]