Review of Second Debt by Pepper Winters

The Indebted series continues as Nila Weaver and Jethro Hawk sink deeper into their roles. Nila is determined not to let Jethro into her heart after a horrible discovery and Jethro can only think of getting through the next ten months so he can inherit everything and be free of his father. Just when it […]

Review of Fireworks: Riley by Liliana Hart

Riley MacKenzie has a whole new story in Fireworks.While on a dig in Egypt, Riley gets a surprise visit from his wife, Maggie. She’s there to make up for the past year. While trying to get pregnant, they forgot how much they liked to play and experiment during sex. But her visit is overshadowed by […]

Review of Revealed by Aleatha Romig

The fourth book in the Consequences Series, Revealed,brings us Claire and Tony’s story through the eyes of the men in Claire’s life. Tony, John, Brent, Harry and Phil each take a turn at retelling things from their perspective or sharing things we were never privy to in the first three books. I found Tony’s experience […]

Review of Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin

Kaci Baskel is about to have her world turned upside down just when she was so close to getting what she wants in Dirty Ties.In one month, she’s be free of her father-in-law’s contract, she’ll have the job that ensures her freedom and she can put an end to her parent’s criminal activity. That is, […]

Review of Ripper by Lexi Blake

We return to the world of the Thieves Series ten years after the end of the last book with the new Hunter series first book,Ripper.Kelsey Atwood is a small time PI marking time doing credit checks and working on insurance fraud cases. So when she’s approached to look into the disappearance of a shifter girl, […]