Review of The Big Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

Aspiring PI Geri Sullivan and her talking Chihuahua Pepe have a new case in the third Barking Detective Mystery, The Big Chihuahua.A husband has hired the agency to find his wife and deliver a message to her at the Dogawanda Ranch, where the follows believe the spirit of a dog named Dogawanda speaks through a […]

Review of Roped In by Lorelei James

When World Champion bulldogger Sutton Grant is forced out of competition for a second time by a bad accident, he needs to make a decision about continuing or giving it all up for another career path in Blacktop Cowboys novella¬†Roped In.Being out of commission all those months has left his horse, Dial, without anyone to […]

Review of Darkness by Laurann Dohner

Kat knows her boss is up to no good, but she’s in the FBI and has to follow orders in the twelfth New Species story, Darkness.She’s sent into Homeland under the guise of teaching forensics classes, but when she helps foil an attack at the gate while waiting to get in, it’s obvious to New […]

Review of Snow Falling on Bluegrass by Molly Harper

In the third Bluegrass novel, Snow Falling on Bluegrass,the Kentucky Tourism Commission employees are late going on their yearly retreat this year. Instead of the fall, it’s January and the weather forecast is calling for snow. Figuring the weather people are lying, they head out to their mountain lodge anyway and find themselves snowed in […]

Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

I¬† love the Mercy Thompson books, so getting a set of short stories based in her world is always a fun thing. In Shifting Shadows,we’re offered four brand new stories and two outtakes from previous books. Even though I’ve read most of the other stories before, I read them all again. It’s been so long […]