Review of The Chronicles of Marr-nia by Karen Cantwell

Barbara Marr is back for some short adventures in The Chronicles of Marr-nia.Let’s break it down. In Taming the Hunk, Barb wrestles with her need to be the perfect mother and finds out that sometimes you just need to relax. In Top Lawn, Barb is determined to mow the lawn in her busy husband’s absence, but […]

Review of Twisted Together by Pepper Winters

Q Mercer and Tess Snow have been through hell, but their trials aren’t over in the third Monsters in the Dark novel, Twisted Together.Q thought he had brought Tess back from the edge, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that she’s not telling him the whole truth. Tess still suffers from horrible nightmares, but worst of […]

Review of Shaman Rises by C.E. Murphy

The final showdown with The Master is here in the final book in the Walker Papers, Shaman Rises.Joanne Walker and her ex-boss/now boyfriend Michael Morrison return to Seattle quickly after her best friend Gary calls with startling news. His dead wife Annie now is alive and in a coma in the hospital. Annie isn’t the only […]

Review of Witch Blood by Donna Ansari

Vampire Emma Hammond is about to get her will power tested in the third Vampire in the City story, Witch Blood.Emma’s having some problems controlling her blood lust, but she’s got other issues to deal with as well. Her best friend Tammy’s prospective coven wants Emma to join too, but their motives aren’t exactly honorable. Her […]

Review of Whiskey Sour by Liliana Hart

Addison Holmes is bad for her second story, Whiskey Sour.When priceless Russian jewels are stolen and the courier murdered, Addison gets involved through her best friend Kate’s detective agency. The FBI needs someone to help look into the involvement of a call girl agency after they’re suspiciously told to stay out of it. Even the local cops, […]