Review of The Spartan by Charles Purcell

Someone is planting biological bombs in the United States and it’s up to a soldier called The Spartanto find them and the ones responsible. With the help of Teresa Vasquez, a former South American police officer and a special invisibility suit designed for her, and his mentor, Colonel Garin, The Spartan will hunt down six […]

Review of Dungeon Games by Lexi Blake

The sparks are going to fly in the newest Masters and Mercenaries Novella, Dungeon Games.Dallas detective Derek Brighton and PI Karina Mills have been circling each other for a while now. Both of them thinks the other doesn’t like them. Derek is always frowning or scowling at Karina, while she avoids him. Their only scene […]

Review of The Kill Switch by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

There’s nothing better than an action/adventure story with a dog in it. Former Army Ranger┬áTucker Wayne and his military dog Kane are called in by Sigma to help a Russian scientist get out the country in The Kill Switch.Abram Bukolov has a line on a potential bioweapon that he doesn’t want to fall into the […]

Review of Edge of the Enforcer by Cherise Sinclair

Lindsey is running from a brutal past in the newest Doms of Dark Haven story, Edge of the Enforcer.She’s been living under a fake identity and working as a receptionist part time at Dark Haven, a San Francisco BDSM club. She’s been avoiding deVries, the sadist Enforcer of Dark Haven, because she thinks he’s not […]

Review of The Kraken Project by Douglas Preston

Artificial Intelligence goes horribly wrong in The Kracken Project.Melissa Shepherd is the lead programmer on NASA’s Kraken Project, a space probe designed to go to Saturn’s moon Titan and explore the Kraken Mare, the largest sea on Titan. Her breakthrough AI program, Dorothy, was created to run a raft that would explore the sea in […]