Review of Bjorn! on the Fourth of July by Karen Cantwell

In this Barbara Marr short Story, Bjorn! on the Fourth of July,Barbara has promised her magic-obsessed youngest daughter, Amber, that she would take her to Fourth of July extravaganza to see Bjorn! the magician. But Barbara’s bitten off more than she can chew and it will take a miracle to get her daughter there on time. Or […]

Review of Parts and Wreck by Mark Henry

What do you get when you cross a vivisectionist with a bi-polar? You get Parts and Wreck,a crazy romantic comedy about The Parts Department, an off shoot of the Catholic church who spend their days hunting down people who have ended up with possessed body parts and removing said parts from their bodies. Occasionally they […]

Review of Dungeon Royale by Lexi Blake

MI6 agent Damon Knight is almost killed by his ex-partner at the beginning of Dungeon Royale.When he returns back to work, he fights being put on permanent desk duty and gets offered an assignment working on a BDSM cruise looking for terrorists. But he needs a submissive to go with him. Linguist Penelope Cash is […]

Review of To Catch a Cupid: Thomas by Liliana Hart

To Catch a Cupid: Thomastakes up ten years after Thomas MacKenzie’s first story, Thomas.Thomas’ wife Cat has given up her job as a thief working with the FBI two years previously and they now have three children, all boys. While Cat still takes jobs on the side for MacKenzie Security, Thomas thinks she’s completely out of […]

Review of The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry by Dakota Cassidy

Werewolf Mara Flaherty is in big trouble in the eight Accidentally Paranormal story, The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry.While trying to make a baby-making serum so she can have a child, mateless Mara accidentally turns accountant Harry Emerson into a werewolf instead. Now Mara and OOPS girls Nina, Marty and Wanda will have to […]