Review of Unconditional by Lexi Blake

Waitress Ashley Paxon is the latest focus of Sanctum club owner Ian Taggart’s matchmaking in the newest Masters and Mercenaries novella, Unconditional.Ian sets her up with a BDSM contract with Sanctum’s newest prospective member, Keith Langston, under the guise of wanting to find out what kind of Dom he’d be. Keith is best friends with Ashley’s […]

Review of Steal The Moon by Lexi Blake

The third Thieves Novel, Steal The Moon,has thief Zoey Wharton chaffing at the restrictions the two men in her life have put on her after being killed by a demon. Fae Prince Dev, her boyfriend, has her schedule meticulously planned and vampire Daniel, her husband, won’t let her out without a bodyguard who lets her get […]

Review of The Great Jackalope Stampede by Ann Charles

Claire Morgan just can’t stay out of trouble in the third Jackrabbit Junction Humorous Mystery, The Great Jackalope Stampede.First there’s the college archaeological team checking out the find Claire and her boyfriend Mac Garner discovered in one of the mines his aunt Ruby owns. Second is her grandfather Harley’s broken leg, which has left Claire to […]

Review of A Summoner’s Tale by Victoria Danann

Former vampire Istvan Baka finally gets his story in the third Knights of the Black Swan story, A Summoner’s Tale.Anxious to help other vampires, Baka goes out alone one night with a supply of antidote and the guns to dispense it. Unfortunately, he gets captured by other vampires and reinfected. His assistant Heaven becomes worried […]

Review of C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) by Eve Langlais

When threatened with termination, a few ‘faulty’ cyborgs will fight for their freedom and find a new home for their kind in C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines).When X109GI, now known as Joe, is captured while trying to find information about how the cyborgs came to be, Chloe is sent in to collect samples from him. When […]