Review of A Christmas Wish: Dane by Liliana Hart

In a continuation of Dane’sstory from the MacKenzie Family series, we have A Christmas Wish,which takes up a few months after the first story leaves off. Dane MacKenzie is getting tired of waiting for¬†Charlotte Munroe to set a wedding date. She wants to wait until their son is ready, but the boy gets along better […]

Review of Never Forgotten by Terri Reid

There’s a new threat after Mary O’Reilly in the third Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery, Never Forgotten.Only this time, it’s after her new love interest Police Chief Bradley Alden as well. It seems there’s a law enforcement curse that’s claimed the lives of multiple police and firemen in Freeport and now Bradley¬†has developed liver problems unexpectedly. […]

Review of Somebody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters

The fifth Rescue Me series book, Somebody’s Angel,brings us back to Dom Marc D’Allesio and his submissive Angelina Giardano. Marc thinks that everything in their relationship is fine, even if he does use sex as a way to divert Angelina’s attention from the questions he doesn’t want to answer. But Angelina is tired of feeling […]

Review of True by Laurann Dohner

The eleventh New Species novel, True,brings us a new character with True. After being rescued from captivity, True never expected to see Technician Jeanie Shiver again. Jeanie had been kind to him and all the other New Species where she worked, but after he’s poisoned against her by the doctor who runs the facility, he […]

Review of Brazen by Kelley Armstrong

The Otherworld series may be officially over, but it continues on in novellas like Brazen.Werewolf Nick Sorrentino wants to pull his weight in the Pack. Until now, he’s had a reputation as a playboy and not as a fighter. But Pack Alpha Elena Michaels has put Nick in charge of finding former Pack leader, and […]