Review of An Open Spook by E.J. Copperman

Somehow I missed Haunted Guesthouse Mystery short, An Open Spook,when it came out at the beginning of October. So here it is now. This story is told from the perspective of Alison’s mother Loretta, who’s spending Hurricane Sandy hunkered down with her daughter, grand-daughter, a guesthouse guest, and the two resident ghosts. But another ghost shows up […]

Review of Chihuahua Confidential by Waverly Curtis

The second Barking Detective Mystery, Chihuahua Confidential,has budding detective Geri Sullivan and her Chihuahua Pepe travelling to Los Angeles to be on Dancing with Dogs. Unfortunately, their arrival is marred by the murder of one of the show’s judges. While the show goes on, it’s plagued by problems. Geri and Pepe are doing well on […]

Review of White Fire by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Agent Pendergast is back in White Fire.Pendergast’s protégée Cory Swanson is the central focus of this story. In her third year at John Jay college, she’s determined to win the Rosewell Award, something unheard of for a junior. But the subject of her thesis lands her in trouble in Roaring Fork, Colorado, an exclusive ski resort. […]

Review of The Thrill of the Haunt by E.J. Copperman

There’s nothing like a fun ghostly mystery. This time around, it’s the fifth Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, The Thrill of the Haunt.Guesthouse owner Alison Kerby is tired of being called the Ghost Lady around her town of Harbor Haven, New Jersey. She may promote her Guesthouse as being haunted, but she really doesn’t want people in […]

Review of If Only by Cherise Sinclair

Woohoo! We finally get Sally’s story in the eight Masters of the Shadowlands story, If Only.Sally Hart has been a trainee at the Shadowlands practically since the series started. After a brief hiatus when she thought she’d finally found a Dom of her own, and he turned out to be an abusive asshole, Sally is back at […]