Review of My Familiar Stranger by Victoria Dannan

In My Familiar Stranger,the first book in the Order of the Black Swan Series, royal princess Elora Laiken finds herself thrust into an alternate reality to avoid being assassinated with the rest of her family. In this reality, her real life counterpart died of pneumonia at a young age and a hidden government agency called The […]

Review of When Danger Calls by Terry Odell

When single mother Frankie Castor makes a bet that she can get a customer to smile at the club she works at in When Danger Calls,she didn’t imagine that meeting ex-covert operative Ryan Harper would change her life. She runs into him again later that night at the hospital and offers him a ride home, […]

Review of Silenced by the Yams by Karen Cantwell

The third Barbara Marr Murder Mystery, Silenced by the Yams,starts out with a bang as Barbara attends her first movie screening as a reviewer. A film director dies not long after meeting Barbara, passing out on top of her after throwing up on her. Now her friend Frankie Romano is suspected of poisoning the man’s yams […]

Review of Feels Like Home by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Financial advisor Rafe Locke is in Shosone, Wyoming for his brother Wyatt’s wedding in Sons of Chance book nine, Feels Like Home.Rafe doesn’t plan on enjoying any of the cowboy lifestyle at the Last Chance Ranch until he meets maid of honor Meg Seymour. Meg is determined to live life to the fullest and won’t pass […]

Review of Undead and Unsure by MaryJanice Davidson

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor is still recovering from killing Satan in Undead and Unstablewhen we catch up with her in Undead and Unsure.Her sister, Laura, the Antichrist, still hasn’t forgiven her for killing her mother and sticking her with a new job in Hell. But a result of her actions is that her husband Sinclair can […]