Review of The Accidental Genie by Dakota Cassidy

Caterer Jeannie Carlyle has had one of those paranormal accidents of the OOPS (Out in the Open Paranormal Support) kind in The Accidental Genie,the seventh book in the Accidentally Paranormal series. The only person manning the phones at OOPS when it happens is werewolf Sloan Flaherty, who comes to Jeannie’s aid and opens her genie bottle only […]

Review of Perilous Pranks by Joyce and Jim Lavene

I was so happy to find a Renaissance Faire Mystery novella, Perilous Pranks.Jessie Morton is now working full time at the Faire setting up a museum of Renaissance arts and crafts, but her luck has just run out. While checking on a prank she played on Wanda Le Fey, the village nurse, Jessie finds her […]

Review of Citizen Insane by Karen Cantwell

Barbara Marr is back for another installment in Citizen Insane.When her neighbor Bunny Bergen shows up in Barbara’s front yard seeming very confused and saying she ran over a bunny, Barb can’t just leave her standing there. She and her friends decide to take Bunny home, only to find the police, fire department and FBI […]

Review of Sanctum by Lexi Blake

In the Masters and Mercenaries novella, Sanctum,we finally get the backstory of Dom in Residence Ryan Church. When Ryan’s company went under eighteen months ago, he asked his friend to take over his contract with his submissive Jillian. Jillian Paxon went without a fight because she thought Ryan no longer wanted her, but she refused to […]

Review of A Demon and Her Scot by Eve Langlais

The scheming devil is back to matchmaking in the third Welcome to Hell novel, A Demon and Her Scot.This time he has his sights on joining a lamia huntress with a jaded Scottish vampire. Aelle is one of his most worthy hunters, so when he orders her to bring him a Scot to help him […]