Review of Long Road Home by Vicki Lewis Thompson

The Sons of Chance book seven, Long Road Home,brings wilderness guide¬†Wyatt Locke back to Shoshone, Wyoming to surprise his half-brother Jack Chance. He doesn’t expect to run into a heavy rainstorm or to have to rescue beautician Olivia Sedgewick when her vehicle goes off the road. He also doesn’t expect the news that Olivia is […]

Review of The Wicked Kiss by Trina M. Lee

I’ve finally gotten around to reading book two of the Alexa O’Brien Huntress series, The Wicked Kiss.Werewolf Alexa is still dealing with the fall out of joining energy with vampire Arys Knight and still trying to figure out exactly what it all means.¬†Arys’ maker Harley Kayson is in town to discover exactly what’s between Alexa […]

Review of Unbridled by Cheryl Brooks

Nurse and aspiring horsewoman Miranda Jackson has had her eye on farrier Travis York for some time in Unbridled,the first book in the Unlikely Lovers series. Miranda thinks Travis is too young for her, so she hasn’t said anything. Travis is just as interested in Miranda, but thinks she’s married because she still wears her […]

Review of The Old Man’s Back in Town by Ann Charles

In the Goldwash Mystery Short The Old Man’s Back in Town,bar owner Montana seems to be having a Groundhog Day of a Christmas Eve. In three slightly different tellings of the same story, we learn that her ex-husband has escaped from jail and is coming after her. All three stories have her cousin Buffalo and […]

Review of Date With Death by Eve Langlais

When Death shows up to claim her soul, witch Marigold figures out pretty quickly she should drink the potion she got off the internet in Date With Death.Mictain, the Aztec God of Death, can’t figure out why Marigold can see him, but she takes both of them by surprise when she invites him back for […]