Review of The Eye of God by James Rollins

The world is once again in danger in the newest Sigma Force novel, The Eye of God.Two different events both predict the world will end in four days, thanks to a comet named IKON. The first is the arrival of a package in Rome to Monsignor Vigor Verona, containing a skull with marking predicting the […]

Review of Boot Points by Ann Charles

In the second Deadwood Mysteries short story, Boot Points,we finally get the story about how Violet Parker got her purple boots. She tells the story to Doc Nyce while searching her house for the boots so she can bring them to be repaired. We also get to read a deleted scene from Nearly Departed in […]

Review of Mastering Her Desires by Melinda Barron

When aspiring chef Piper Hutchinson gets fired from her job for speaking before she thinks, she gets offered the opportunity to make enough money to go to culinary school in Mastering Her Desires.Bounty hunter Kenan Snow needs a submissive to bring with him to an island resort so he can catch a bail jumping murderer. […]

Review of Redneck Romeo by Lorelei James

In the fifteenth Rough Riders story, Redneck Romeo,the last single McKay male, Dalton, is called back to Sundance, Wyoming when his father suffers a serious stroke. He may not have considered coming back at all until he hears that Rory Wetzler is also back in town. Dalton walked away from her three years ago during […]

Review of Dance of the Winnebagos by Ann Charles

The more I read Ann Charles, the more I like her. In Dance of the Winnebagosshe continues to prove she can write humorous strong female leads. This time around we have Claire Morgan, who’s visiting Jackrabbit Junction, Arizona¬†with her grandfather Harley Ford. They’re staying at the Dancing Winnebagos R.V. Park, where Claire is working for […]