Review of This Is Who I Am by Cherise Sinclair

The seventh highly anticipated Masters of the Shadowlands book, This Is Who I Am,is finally here! Squeee! This is the story of Linda, one of the women rescued from the Harvest Association slave auction, and Sam, the Shadowlands Master and sadist who helped rescue her. She’s avoided Sam since that day of the FBI raid, but […]

Review of Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

I’ve finally gotten around to reading the seventh book in the Highlander Series, Spell of the Highlander.This time around, ninth century Druid Highlander, Cian MacKeltar, has spent the last 1100 years trapped in an Unseelie Hallow, the Dark Glass, thanks to the betrayal of a man he thought was his friend. Every 100 years, Lucan […]

Review of The First Bird: Episode 1 by Greig Beck

I really love getting Advanced Reader Copies of books. That’s how I came to get Greig Beck’s newest story, The First Bird: Episode 1.This story follows reluctant hero and linguist Matt Kearns from Beneath the Dark Iceand Black Mountain.It’s being released in three parts and I’ve never reviewed something split up like this before. Should […]

Review of Drop Dead Beauty by Wendy Roberts

Sadie Novak is back for another great Ghost Dusters Mystery with Drop Dead Beauty.Sadie’s good friend Detective Dean Petrovich has been accused of murdering his ex-wife and he wants Sadie’s help proving he’s innocent. After visiting the spa where she was killed, Sadie finds herself the victim of vandalism, home invasion, being forced off the […]

Review of Keep Me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell

Sophie Rhodes is desperate for a new job in Keep Me Ghosted,the first book in a new series. She applies for a job as a receptionist in an optometrist HA Callahan’s office, where he hasn’t been able to keep an employee since he moved in to the building. Sophie quickly figures out why. Dr. Callahan […]