Review of Optical Delusions in Deadwood by Ann Charles

In the second Deadwood Humorous Mystery, Optical Delusions in Deadwood,Violet Parker’s latest realty client wants her to sell a house where a double murder was committed. While friends and co-workers warn her against taking on such a tough sale, Violet is swayed by the higher percentage commission being offered. Her kids needs clothes and glasses […]

Review of Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles

Single parent Violet Parker is trying her hand at a new career in Nearly Departed in Deadwood.She has three weeks left of her three month probation with Calamity Jane Realty and if she doesn’t make a sale soon, she’ll be out of a job. Suddenly, she has people looking to sell, but she really needs […]

Review of Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

When I went to go write my review of Wicked Cravings,the second book in the Phoenix Pack series, I realized I’d never reviewed the first book, Feral Sins. I read it so long ago that I wouldn’t feel comfortable reviewing it now, but I’ll still review Wicked Cravings. Dante Garcea is the workaholic Beta wolf […]

Review of You & I, Me & You by MaryJanice Davidson

Cadence Jones and her other two personalities, Shiro and Adrienne, have rejoined us for the third book in the trilogy, You & I, Me & You.It’s moving day. The day Cadence and her sisters move in with her baker (boyfriend) Patrick. But her partner George shows up to take her to a pseudo suicide crime […]

Review of A Dirty Shame by Liliana Hart

In the second book of the J.J. Graves Mysteries, A Dirty Shame,Jaye (J.J.) is sneaking back into Bloody Mary in the middle of the night after being gone for a few months, recuperating from her near brush with death. Unfortunately, she finds a body chained to a tree and has to call the cops. Her […]