Review of Kitty Rocks the Houses by Carrie Vaughn

Has it really been eleven books since we first met Kitty Norville? It barely feels like it, but she’s back in Kitty Rocks the House.This time, there’s a new wolf in Denver and he’s asking to be admitted to their Pack. But he’s not acting like he wants to be subservient to anyone else and […]

Review of Pandemonium by Warren Fahy

After a three year wait, the hendros from Fragmentare back in Pandemonium.Only a few months have passed since the destruction of Hender’s Island and the hendros are in hiding, essentially captive. They have only a small group of humans who stay with them. Two of those people are Hender’s survivors Nell and Geoffrey Binswanger, who […]

Review of Demon Hunting in Dixie by Lexi George

A run in with a demon and a demon hunter changes Addy Corwin’s life forever in Demon Hunting in Dixie.Addy is a florist in Hannah, Alabama, which is suddenly becoming a hot bed of demon activity. Brand is a Dalvahni warrior, come to Hannah to fight the demon threat. After Addy is attacked by a […]

Review of A Little Death by Susan Sizemore

A Little Deathis one of those books that been on my Kindle for a while now and I’ve finally gotten around to reading it. That happens more often than you’d realize. I have lots of stuff on my Kindle that’s been there for a while, usually because I get them for free. I’m a sucker […]

Review of All That Glitters by Donna Ball

In a short Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, All That Glitters,Raine is¬†preparing for her annual kennel Christmas party with the help of her boyfriend’s daughter Melanie. When Melanie finds an ornament with a baby picture of Raine’s dog Cisco with Santa¬†on it, Raine tells her the story of how she ended up with Cisco and how […]