Review of Wicked Garden by Lorelei James

In the prequel to Ballroom Blitz,Wicked Gardenbrings us Billy Buchanan and Eden LaCroix, two former high school sweet hearts who haven’t seen each other in ten years. Now, Eden manages the local community center and will do anything to keep it open. Billy has been brought in by a local company to decide the fate […]

Review of In the Zone by Sierra Cartwright

Professional submissive Alani Dane is in trouble in In the Zone.One of the owners of Zones caught her rolling her eyes and yawning during a scene with a paying customer. Master Nathaniel Stratton has decided to take matters into his own hands. He’ll punish Alani and be in charge of her retraining, but he wants […]

Review of The Extinct by Victor Methos

Sometimes you try out a new author and you wonder where they’ve been all your life. And sometimes you don’t. I really wanted to like The Extinct,I really did. I’ll get into what I didn’t like at the end, but for now, here’s what it’s about. In India, a prehistoric hyena, known as an hyaenodon, […]

Review of Extraction by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

In a short story interlude, Extraction,Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast tells his ward Constance Greene the story of the Tooth Fairy who existed during his childhood in the New Orleans French Quarter. When he was nine and his brother Diogenes six, his brother wanted to leave his lost tooth for an old man who lived in […]

Review of Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

So I’ve found a new series to read. It’s the Magnus Pack series, starting with Pack Challenge.Left almost dead and severely┬áinjured at a young age, Sara Morrighan has learned to live with her scars and made a life for herself in Texas under her grandmother’s thumb. But now her grandmother is dead and Sara finds […]