Review of Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth

What would happen if the President of the United States had a vampire bound to protect the country? That question is answered in Blood Oath.The vampire in question is 140 year old¬†Nathaniel Cade, bound by blood oath in 1867 by¬†President Andrew Jackson to protect the President and the those appointed to represent him. Still working […]

Review of Supernatural Born Killers by Casey Daniels

In Pepper Martin’s ninth outing, Supernatural Born Killers,she finds herself investigating the death of policeman Jack Haggarty, the former partner of her on again/off again boyfriend Detective Quinn Harrison. The police are already investigating Haggarty as being involved in the death of a small time burglar, not knowing he’s dead himself. Not until Pepper informs […]

Review of Claimed! by Vicki Lewis Thompson

In the third Sons of Chance novel, Claimed!,we finally get eldest brother Jack Chance’s story. After the death of his father, something Jack blames himself for, his life has been nothing but non-stop work. Left in charge of the family horse ranch, Jack resents the responsibilities he never wanted. Most of all, he morns the […]

Review of The Wild Road by Jennifer Roberson

I was just thinking that it seems like I’ve been waiting a long time for The Wild Roadto come out. Turns out it’s been five years since Deepwoodwas published. Was it worth the wait? I’m not so sure. Normally I’m a big fan of Jennifer Roberson’s work. I adored the Sword Dancer series and I […]

Review of Treacherous Toys by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Associate Professor Jessie Morton is finally spending the Christmas Holidays at the Renaissance Faire Village in Treacherous Toys,but it’s not just to spend time with her bailiff boyfriend Chase Manhattan. Jessie has been laid off from her job and may not have one to return to. Her apartment is going condo and she has no […]