Review of Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand

When two thugs are hired to drive a van from Miami to Tampa, you’d think it would be an easy job. But George and Lou get more than they bargained for in Wolf Hunt.Even though they’re told the man they’re transporting is a werewolf, the two men are skeptical. Until strange things start to happen, […]

Review of Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee

I always like finding new series to read and recently discovered the Alexa O’Brien Huntress Series, the first book of which is Once Bitten.Alexa O’Brien is something unusual. A bitten werewolf who can work with energy. She uses her usual talent to hunt¬†supernatural creatures who need to be put down. But her talent also draws […]

Review of Blind Fury by Lynda LaPlante

In the sixth Anna Travis Mystery, Blind Fury,the body of a young woman has been found in a drainage ditch by the M1 highway. It’s soon clear to the investigative team that she’s not the first victim, but of the other victims they find, only one has been identified and she doesn’t fit the same […]

Review of Silent Night by Donna Ball

Christmas isn’t turning out the way Raine Stockton thought it would in Silent Night.She’s just found out her boyfriend Miles Young has a nine year old daughter and has been married three times, her business partner Maude¬†is going to visit her son for the holidays, her friend Sonny is going to visit her sister and […]

Review of The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

In The Dark Highlander,we continue where we left off in Kiss of the Highlander.Having broken his vows to save his brother Drustan, Dageus MacKeltar has become a dark druid, inhabited by the souls of the thirteen evil spirits who were once kept captive by the Compact the Keltars has with the Fae. Avoiding his brother, […]