Review of Guns and Roses Anthology (Murder She Writes Presents)

There’s nothing like a good kick-ass anthology and Guns and Roseshas it all. Romance, murders, mysteries, guns and strong lead characters. I bought this anthology for the Lorelei James Rough Riders story, but they were all good. Let’s cover the best. Pick Your Poison by Roxanne St. Claire: Benjamin Youngblood is being fired from his […]

Review of Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair

I recently loaned all of the Masters of the Shadowlands books to a friend. In doing so, it prompted me to reread them as well. Yes, I’ve read all of them and never reviewed them here. Bad me. Well, I’m going to remedy that now. The first book in the series is Club Shadowlands.In the […]

Review of Deadly Intent by Lynda LaPlante

In the fourth Anna Travis Mystery, Deadly Intent,a former colleague of Anna’s has been found dead in a drug den. From the beginning, they have a hard time explaining why Frank Brandon was there and things just get stranger. As more bodies turn up, Anna starts to suspect they’re dealing with mysterious drug trafficker, Alexander […]

Review of Brawn by Lauranne Dohner

There’s just something about books with big studly guys in them and the New Species series certainly qualifies there. In Brawn,our title character of the same name has been assigned to work with the human extraction teams who find the gift Species females. He’s been assigned to live on the property of Tim Oberto, the […]

Review of Old Haunts by E.J. Copperman

I’m always excited when a book I’ve been waiting for comes out. In this case, it’s the new Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, Old Haunts. Alison Kerby has a lot on her plate this summer. Her ex-husband, the swine, has shown back up acting like he wants to be a family again. Alison knows he’s up to […]