Review of Justice by Laurann Dohner

In the fourth New Species book, we finally get to JusticeNorth’s story. As the elected leader and voice of the New Species, Justice spends most of he time in meetings, on the phone, travelling or in front of the cameras. He has very little free time to himself. Jessie Dupree is the only human female […]

Review of Easy Pickings by C.E. Murphy and Faith Hunter

In a crossover novella, Easy Pickings,shaman Joanne Walker and shape-shifting vampire hunter Jane Yellowrock both end up in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Only it’s not the New Orleans of either of their worlds. In this Big Easy, vampires have take over and hurricane Katrina never happened. Both have been called there for some reason and now […]

Review of Valiant by Laurann Dohner

In the third New Species book, Valiant,caterer Tammy Shasta has found herself in the wrong place on the New Species Reservation. Instead of ending up at the party she’s supposed to be serving at, she’s found herself in the front yard of Valiant’s house, too terrified to move. The feline New Species doesn’t want her on […]

Review of Slade by Laurann Dohner

In the second New Species novel, Slade,Dr. Trisha Norbit’s first experience with the New Species involved being pinned under a drugged male who promised her ecstasy if she’ll let him have her. The hospital staff interfere before he can make good on his promise, but Trisha will never forget that day. Now she’s working at […]

Review of Hidden by Kelley Armstrong

All Clay Danvers and Elana Michaels want to do is give their four year old twins a Christmas alone, just the four of them. But that’s just not meant to be in Hidden.As Alpha elect of their werewolf pack, Elana can’t ignore the uneasy feeling she gets from the mutt who visits them their first […]