Review of Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever by Molly Harper

Molly Harper is just one of those writers who can make you laugh the whole time you’re reading one of their books. Nice Girls Don’t Live Foreveris another one of those books. The third book in the Jane Jameson series, it starts with Jane and her Vampire Sire Gabriel on a whirlwind European vacation. It […]

Review of Wayfinder by C.E. Murphy

Truthseeker/tailor Lara Jansen has returned in book two of the Worldwalker Duology, Wayfinder.Returning to the Barrow-lands in search of her lover, Seelie Prince Dafydd ap Caerwyn, she finds that what has only been hours for her has been six months there. After almost being killed by the Seelie King, Emyr, she convinces him to help her […]

Review of The Sookie Stackhouse Companion by Charlaine Harris

The Sookie Stackhouse Companionis an interesting read for a couple of reasons. First, there’s the new short story, Small-town Wedding. Sookie’s boss Sam has invited Sookie to his brother’s wedding in Wright, Texas, even though Sam is currently dating a werewolf named Jannalynn. Sam says it’s because he asked Sookie before he started dating Jannalynn, […]

Review of Wolf at the Door by MaryJanice Davidson

I will admit to be slightly confused by Wolf at the Door. It’s supposed to take place after the events of Undead and Undermined,but if that’s the case, then a certain werewolf named Antonia should still be alive and she’s not, but Marc’s now a zombie. So confusing. Anyway, werewolf accountant Rachael Velvela has been […]

Review of Me, Myself and Why? by MaryJanice Davidson

There are days I seriously wonder where MaryJanice Davidson comes up with her book ideas. Take the book I just finished, Me, Myself and Why?Who in their right mind would think a book about an FBI Agent with multiple personality disorder was a good idea? Why, MaryJanice Davidson of course! Once you get past the […]