Review of Something Deadly This Way Comes by Kim Harrison

Madison Avery is still trying to change the world in Something Deadly This Way Comes,the third book in the series. In her role as Dark Timekeeper, she supposed to reap souls before they can go bad. Instead, she wants to help people keep from going bad, something the Light Timekeeper, Ron, doesn’t agree with. In an […]

Review of The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

The Gatheringis the first book in a new series by Kelley Armstrong, called Darkness Rising. It follows sixteen year old Maya and her friends on Vancouver Island, where they live in a medical research community. Her father is the park ranger and Maya spends her free time nursing injured animals back to health. A year […]

Review of The Chick and the Dead by Casey Daniels

In the second Pepper Martin Mystery, The Chick and the Dead,Pepper has a new ghost haunting her, Didi Bowman. Didi wants Pepper to help prove her sister stole her manuscript after she died and claimed it as her own, turning it into a best seller and blockbuster movie. That was fifty years ago. Didi’s sister […]

Review of Miranda by M.R. Sellars

So, here we are now with the 10th book in the Rowan Gant series and the final book in the Miranda arc, aptly named Miranda.We find Rowan still trying to rid the world of Miranda’s evil spirit before Miranda can find a way to take over his wife Felicity O’Brien’s body. Currently, she’s still in jail […]

Review of Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Ah…Sookie, Sookie, Sookie. Will your life ever be normal? Probably not. Here we are at book 11, Dead Reckoning,and your life is still too screwed up for words. After someone firebombs Merlotte’s Bar, Sookies place of employment, Sookie finds out that Sandra Pelt, Debbie Pelt’s sister (who Sookie killed), is out of jail. Sandra is […]