Review of Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek

There are some books that you’re just not sure what to make of, even when you’ve finished them. Such is the case with Therapyby Sebastian Fitzek. The book revolves around psychologist Viktor Larenz, who’s twelve year old daughter Josy went missing four years ago. Josy had been suffering from a strange undiagnosed illness when she […]

Review of Hex Marks the Spot by Madelyn Alt

In Bewitching Mystery number 3, Hex Marks the Spot,Maggie O’Neill and her boss Felicity visit the local craft bazaar, where Maggie meets a hunky Amish craftsman who soon turns up dead. An unusual hex mark found near his body indicates some kind of witch craft may be involved, so Maggie and Felicity do a little […]

Review of A Charmed Death by Madelyn Alt

In the second Bewitching Mystery, A Charmed Death,our heroine Maggie O’Neill finds herself running Enchantments on her own while her boss, Felicity, takes a break following the death of her sister in The Trouble with Magic.After an altercation in the store between two teenagers, one a goth, the other a high school princess, the princess […]

Review of Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs

Shapechanging mercenary spy, Aralorn, and her sorcerer companion, Wolf, are back in Wolfsbane,the sequel to Masques.Aralorn has been called home for her father’s funeral, but soon finds that her father isn’t dead, just under a black magic spell. The purpose of the spell was to draw Aralorn home, along with her companion, Wolf, who is […]

Review of Kisses From Hell Anthology

Another great anthology done. Kisses From Hellhad some great stories and I’m here to tell you about them. Sunshine by Richelle Mead: A group of young vampires who’s just graduated are taking a pleasure trip to a private island. (This sounds like a really bad horror movie, doesn’t it?) A royal prince meets a half […]