Review of The Red Tree by Caitlin Kiernan

When I first started reading The Red Tree,I really wasn’t sure I’d like it. The beginning almost feels a little forced, but overall, it was a pretty interesting story. Writer Sarah Crowe has fled from Atlanta to rural Rhode Island, trying to escape from her own personal demons. What she finds is a spooky old […]

Review of Evolve edited by Nancy Kilpatrick

You can never go wrong with a book full of good vampire stories. That’s what we have with Evolve.Subtitled “Vampire Stories of the New Undead”, the stories tell us how vampires might evolve to survive, just like all other life on earth. After all, if you can’t change, you stagnate. Aren’t vampires too hip to […]

Review of Dead and Kicking by Wendy Roberts

I was so disappointed to find out that Dead and Kickingis the probably the last Ghost Dusters book. According to Wendy Roberts blog, her publisher has decided not to renew the series. How disappointing! There’s so much schlock out there and yet really interesting characters get axed all the time. I’m waiting for the days […]

Review of Masques by Patricia Briggs

Having not read the original version of Patricia Briggs first novel, Masques,I can only take it on the authors word that it seriously needed improvement. So here we have the new and improved version and while it still reads like a first novel, it was an enjoyable one. Master spy and shapeshifter, Aralorn, seems to […]

Review of Night Season by Eileen Wilks

Book four in the World of the Lupi series, Night Season,focuses on newly pregnant FBI Agent Cynna Weaver and Werewolf sorcerer Cullen Seabourne, with just a little Lily Yu and Rule Turner thrown in to the mix. When a delegation from a realm called Edge show up, they want Cynna and Lily to go back […]