Review of Inked (anthology)

The four short stories in Inkedall share one thing in common, the use of tattoos in their stories. I found all the stories to be enjoyable, but as always, we’ll talk about them individually. Skin Deep by Karen Chance: War mage Lia de Croissets is still suffering from a magical haywire when she finds out […]

Review of The Truth About Psychics by Sylvia Browne

I’ve made no effort to hide how much I love Sylvia Browne and I won’t stop now. Her new book, The Truth About Psychics,is no exception. I found it to be fun and informative, just like I’ve found most of her books In this book, Sylvia Browne will give you the history behind modern day […]

Review of Unknown by Rachel Caine

The second book of the Outcast Season series, Unknown,finds us where we left off in Undone,with former Djinn Cassiel and her Warden counterpart Luis Rocha searching for his missing niece, Isabel and the other Warden children who have been stolen by the very powerful Pearl, who was once a Djinn but is now something more. […]