Review of Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

I’m fairly impressed by Chelsea Cain’s third novel, Evil at Heart.I’ve been along for the ride since her first novel, Heartsick,and she’s just gotten better. With Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell still at large, Archie Sheridan has committed himself to the psych ward. While he’s partly done it to get over his addiction to pain killers […]

Review of The Wolfman by Nicholas Pekearo

I first heard about The Wolfmanin the summer of 2008. I found the story of the author’s death before it’s publication sad and was a little intrigued by the story, but not enough to pick it up at the time. When it finally came out in paperback, I decided to bite the bullet and buy […]

Review of Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris

Finder of the dead, Harper Connelly, and her step-brother Tolliver Lang are back in their home state of Texas for their newest book, Grave Secret.Though there for a case, they’ve decided to spend time with their little sisters, Mariella and Grace, and let their family know about the change in their relationship status, which doesn’t […]

Review of Heat Wave by Richard Castle

If you’re not already familiar with Heat Wave,you might not realize it’s simply a TV tie in promotion for ABC’s Monday night show Castle. This is the book that the title character has written based on other characters in the show. That’s not a bad thing, because it’s still a good story, but keep that […]

Review of Unbound (anthology)

I always like reading anthologies. You can get different glimpses into your favorite author’s world or looks at totally new characters from authors you don’t normally read. Such is the case with Unbound.The only author I read with any regularity from this anthology is Kim Harrison. I’ve read short stories from some of the other […]