Review of Walking Dead by CE Murphy

In the fourth book of The Walker Papers, Walking Dead,Joanne Walker’s Halloween party has been crashed by spirits of the dead, who don’t seem very interested in leaving. The next day, Joanne suspects their arrival may have had something to do with the theft of the Cauldron of Matholwch, which is said to be used […]

Review of The Siege by Stephen White

Stephen White’s newest book, The Siege,takes place in the Alan Gregory universe, but with Alan Gregory. Confused? Don’t be, because it was still a great read. This book features Alan’s good friend and police detective, Sam Purdy, who’s on suspension from the Boulder police force. Sam finds himself in Miami on his own, fulfilling family […]

Review of Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

I really love that the Alpha and Omega series takes place in the same universe as Mercy Thompson and book 2, Hunting Ground,was a pure delight to read. Anna and Charles are so endearing in each of their own ways that you just can’t wait for more of them. The werewolf summit is coming up […]

Review of Underground by Kat Richardson

Kat Richardson’s third Greywalker novel, Underground,is a roller coaster ride of paranormal entertainment. Just the kind I love. There’s a monster killing the homeless people of Seattle and Harper Blaine finds herself right in the middle of it thanks to her friend Quinton asking her help to find the killer of his friends. Quinton, it […]