Once Dead, Twice Shy by Kim Harrison

In Kim Harrison’s newest book, Once Dead, Twice Shy,Madison Avery has found herself in an unwanted position. She’s dead and only appears to have a body because she swiped an amulet from the Dark Reaper who tried to scythe her. Now she’s under the protection of Light Reaper Barnabas, who’s trying to teach her how […]

Review of Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

In a not impossible plague-driven future, the border between the US and Mexico has been closed off and residents of the forgotten Texas border town of Santa Olivia who didn’t flee when given the chance are now stuck there for life. Now they live in Outpost 12, their existence unknown by the world outside. The […]

Review of Undead and Unwelcome by MaryJanice Davidson

Vampire Queen Betsy is back in book 8, Undead and Unwelcome,and this time she’s brought the Wyndham Werewolves with her. Betsy, along with her vampire husband Sinclair, human best friend Jessica and little brother BabyJon, have flown to Cape Cod to return their werewolf friend Antonia’s body to her family. Antonia died protecting Betsy in […]

Review of Skin Trade by Laurell Hamilton

Perhaps I’m becoming a bad Anita Blake fan, but I didn’t even remember the big bad serial killing vampire villain of Skin Trade (Book 17),Vittorio. I had to go back and find out which book he was from, Incubus Dreams (Book 12).I think that’s truly become the rub with the Anita Blake books. There’s so […]

Review of Whispers of the Dead by Simon Beckett

It was good to see that after the ending of Written in Bone,David Hunter is still alive if not really well. Still haunted by the events that almost lead to his death in London, Whispers of the Deadfinds the forensic anthropologist at Knoxville, Tennessee’s legendary Body Farm, where he’s come to immerse himself into the […]