Review of Cemetery Dance (ARC) by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

When Roger came home with the Advanced Reader Copy of Cemetery Dance,the first words out of my mouth were “I love you!”.  I don’t mean it to sound like I only love Roger for the books he can supply me, but there are benefits to being married to someone who works at a bookstore. Advanced […]

Review of White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

At the beginning of Kim Harrison’s new book, White Witch, Black Curse,Rachel Morgan is still trying to remember the night her living vampire boyfriend, Kisten, died twice. It’s not going well and her night gets even worse when she finds out her friend FIB Agent Glenn was attacked and almost killed by a banshee. Now […]

Review of Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

Lincoln Child’s newest book, Terminal Freeze,takes place at Fear Base, a decommissioned American military base in the Arctic Circle. A group of scientists are using the base to study the effects of global warming. Their once in a lifetime opportunity is being funded by media giant Terra Prime, who’s only stipulation is that they be […]

The Speed of Write is One Year Old Today!

It hardly feels like it’s been a year since I started The Speed of Write. By the count of reviews, I read 72 books this year. That’s an average of  6 books a month. The truth is that I actually read more than that, I just didn’t review everything. One book, by one of Roger’s […]