Review of The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike

While being a quick read, The Witches of Eastwickwas not the easiest read. I found Updike to be a little too descriptive at times and actually commented to Roger that this could have been a much shorter book in the end. I decided to read it because I saw that there was a sequel out […]

Review of The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett

I first read Simon Beckett back in June in Written in Bone,which is actually the second David Hunter novel. I immediately wanted to know if there were any other books and found The Chemistry of Death,which turned out to be the first book in the series. I can say I totally enjoyed being back in […]

Review of Blood Lite edited by Kevin J. Anderson

It may seem like it’s taken me awhile to read Blood Lite,but it’s really more that it’s the Holiday Season and time is short. I enjoyed all the short stories in Blood Lite, but there were some really stand out ones that I’ll mention individually. Hell in a Handbasket by Lucien Soulban: When a baby […]

Review of Cross Country by James Patterson

Alex Cross is back for the 14th installment in the series, Cross Country.This book is pretty much a stand alone and doesn’t really continue on the Kyle Craig situation. Instead, a family in Georgetown is butchered and while investigating, Alex realizes the mother was a woman he dated in college. Ellie was a history professor […]

Review of Dead Over Heels by Charlaine Harris

In need of another quick read, I opted for Dead Over Heelsby Charlaine Harris, book 5 of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. It’s no secret that I’m a big Charlaine Harris fan and I really enjoyed Dead Over Heels. The book immediately starts with a dead body, thrown from a small plane, landing in Roe’s back […]