Review of The Right Hand of Amon by Lauren Haney

The Right Hand of Amonis another one of those books that came out of the box of unread books from the move. Unlike the last book from the box, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It did have a lot going for it. It takes place in Ancient Egypt, the main character was exceptionally likable, it […]

Review of Hands of Flame by C.E. Murphy

Hands of Flameis the 3rd book in the Negotiator Trilogy and marks a temporary end to C.E. Murphy writing in this universe. She’ll be concentrating on Joanne Walker (The Walker Papers) again for awhile. While I will miss Margrit and Alban, I’m looking forward to visiting with Joanne again. In Hands of Flame, Margrit once […]

Review of Rapid Fire by Donna Ball

Rapid Fireis book two of the Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first book, Smokey Mountain Tracks.In this book, Raine finds out that her childhood friend and first love, Andy Fontana, might be back in town. Problem is, he’s also a suspected ecoterrorist and the FBI […]

Review of No Release (A Vampire’s Tale) by Elaina Harper

Roger recently found a box of unread books that has been in the spare room since we moved here five years ago. One of the books in that box was No Release (A Vampire’s Tale).While I’m all for self publishing, I find that most self published books could really use the touch of a good […]