Review of A Grave Calling by Wendy Roberts

Julie Hall has an unusual talent. She can find dead bodies with her dowsing rods. In A Grave Calling,she’s asked by FBI Agent Garrett Pierce to help find a body of a missing girl in the hope that it will help save the lives of two others. When more girls disappear and the case heats […]

Review of The Demon Crown by James Rollins

Commander Grayson Pierce may face the ultimate threat in the newest Sigma Force novel, The Demon Crown.While on a sabbatical from work with his significant other, Seichan,┬áboth are┬átargeted in Hawaii by an attack that unleashes a swarm of insects that has survived since the prehistoric age. This extinction-level event could mean the end of life […]

Review of Kowalski’s in Love by James Rollins

When Naval seaman Joe Kowalski gets stranded on an island after his boat blows up, he’s rescued by Sigma operative Dr. Shay Rosauro in Kowlski’s in Love. But when Shay is injured, Kowalski pledges to complete her mission in the short time period they have left before the island is bombed. Kowalski may have just […]

Review of Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

In the Black Country of England, a killer has started taking the lives of people connected to a long closed girls school in Silent Scream.As Detective Inspector Kim Stone looks into the murders, she finds they’re also connected to the bodies of three young girls found where the school was. But the closer she gets […]

Review of With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe

Profiler Sadie Bonds knows all about killers from a personal experience that happened when she was a teenager in Visions of Red.Now, she’s hunting a serial killer with BDSM overtones. When Sadie first meets Shibari expert and ropes rigger Colton Reed, she considers him a suspect. While Colton has a secret he wants to stay […]