Review of War Hawk by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

Former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne just wants to enjoy his time exploring the country with his former war dog Kane when an old friend shows up on his doorstep asking for his help in War Hawk.Jane is on the run with her son, trying to avoid being killed like her colleagues were. They were all […]

Review of Double Play by Kelley Armstrong

Nadia Stafford returns for a new adventure in Double Play.While boyfriend Jack is out of town repaying a favor to an old friend, Nadia is approached about her ex-boyfriend Quinn, who’s missing. Nadia agrees to help, but it turns out she and Jack are being set up for a trap. Purposely separated, they will both […]

Review of Divergent by Veronica Roth

In a dystopian future Chicago, teenage Beatrice Prior is about the choose her future faction when she finds out she’s Divergent.Unhappy with her current faction of Abnegation, Tris switches factions to Dauntless and hides who she really is. Now Tris will need to find out who she really is while trying to keep herself alive. […]

Review of Dourado by David Wood

In the first book of the Dane Maddock Adventures, Dourado,treasure hunter Dane and his partner Uriah ‘Bones’ Bonebreak are approached by the daughter of a former commanding officer to help her solve the mystery her father left behind. He was looking for the Dourado, a Portuguese brig that sunk off the coast of Indonesia in […]

Review of The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

We’re about to find out more about human intelligence in the tenth Sigma Force novel, The Bone Labyrinth.In the mountains of Croatia, the discovery of Neanderthal bones in an ancient chapel brings an unwelcome forces, who kidnap two of the investigators and take the bones for themselves, leaving two others trapped in the caves. Soon […]