Review of Extinction Point by Paul Anthony Jones

When the red rain came, reporter Emily Baxter avoided coming in contact with it or it’s residue in Extinction Point.That’s probably the only thing that kept her alive when everyone around her in New York City died a violent death. But her nightmare has only started when the monsters start coming out and the world as […]

Review of King’s by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

When Mia Turner’s archaeologist brother disappears from his dig in Mexico, Mia will do whatever she had to in order to get him back in King’s.She’ll even make a deal with the devil and it seems like that’s exactly what she’s done when she asks a man named King to help her. He may not […]

Review of Ice by Kevin Tinto

Archaeologist Leah Andrews has been looking for the reason Native Americas started living in cliffs 800 years ago for years now. She’s about to find more than she ever expected in Ice,when she and her team stumble upon a cliff dwelling where many tribes lived together and the remains of a massacre leads to the […]

Review of The Steel Shark by Rebecca Cantrell

Joe Tesla just wants to expand his world a little more by buying a submarine and competing in an underwater scavenger hunt in The Steel Shark.But after his sub and another are taken out by a much larger one, Joe finds his life suddenly in danger. With the help of his bodyguard Vivian Torres and his […]

Review of Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

Enigmalogist Jeremy Logan is just looking for some peace and quiet in the Adirondacks to finish a book he’s been writing in Full Wolf Moon. But an old college friend asks for his opinion on some gruesome murders that have been happening on the full moon and Logan can’t help but look into local legends and […]