Review of The Steel Shark by Rebecca Cantrell

Joe Tesla just wants to expand his world a little more by buying a submarine and competing in an underwater scavenger hunt in The Steel Shark.But after his sub and another are taken out by a much larger one, Joe finds his life suddenly in danger. With the help of his bodyguard Vivian Torres and his […]

Review of Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

Enigmalogist Jeremy Logan is just looking for some peace and quiet in the Adirondacks to finish a book he’s been writing in Full Wolf Moon. But an old college friend asks for his opinion on some gruesome murders that have been happening on the full moon and Logan can’t help but look into local legends and […]

Review of The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly

When Jack West Jr. is kidnapped and wakes up in a cell about to be killed by a minotaur, it’s just the beginning of his newest adventure in The Four Legendary Kingdoms.He finds he’s just one of a dozen chosen warriors who will be participating in the Great Games, a series of deadly challenges that […]

Review of The Immortality Curse

Paleolinguist Matt Kearns returns for his third story in The Immortality Curse.When a man who should be dead shows up in Canada seventy years after he went missing, Matt is hired by the FBI to assist in finding out where he’s been all this time. That includes reading a picture of a note written in a […]

Review of The Seventh Plague by James Rollins

Are the biblical plagues of the Bible real? We’re about to find out a possible answer in the eleventh Sigma Force novel, The Seventh Plague.When a British archaeologist turns up in the Sudanese desert two years after he disappeared, everyone who came in contact with his dead body suddenly start becoming sick and dying. While […]