Review of The Dark Lands by Greig Beck

The Valkryn Chronicles comes to a close with The Dark Lands.Arnold Singer and Wolfen prince Grinsom flee from a fallen Valkryn to the Dark Lands, where Arn hopes to learn what happened in the past and find a way to save the future. Their journey is difficult and they encounter many unfriendly beings along the […]

Review of Return of the Ancients by Greig Beck

It’s taken me awhile to get around to reading Return of the Ancients,the first book in the Valkeryn Chronicles. Since the second book just came out, I figured I should finally read it. Fifteen year-old Arnold Singer is on a school trip to see the firing of a particle accelerator when the class bully puts him in the […]

Review of When Danger Calls by Terry Odell

When single mother Frankie Castor makes a bet that she can get a customer to smile at the club she works at in When Danger Calls,she didn’t imagine that meeting ex-covert operative Ryan Harper would change her life. She runs into him again later that night at the hospital and offers him a ride home, […]

Review of The First Bird: Episode 3 by Greig Beck

Linguist Matt Kearns, scientist Carla Nero and the rest of the CDC team are finally back on US soil in The First Bird: Episode 3.But their welcome isn’t a friendly one. Chaos reigns as the prehistoric parasite spreads like wild fire. Militias, religious groups and the infected roam the streets, making their final push to reach the […]

Review of The First Bird: Episode 2 by Greig Beck

Where did we leave off in The First Bird: Episode 1? Linguist Matt Kearns was in South America looking for the cure to a new parasite that was running rampant in the US. The group he was with had just arrived in the sheltered primordial ecosystem where the parasite originated. When we continue in The […]