Review of The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

We’re about to find out more about human intelligence in the tenth Sigma Force novel, The Bone Labyrinth.In the mountains of Croatia, the discovery of Neanderthal bones in an ancient chapel brings an unwelcome forces, who kidnap two of the investigators and take the bones for themselves, leaving two others trapped in the caves. Soon […]

Review of Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast is asked to personally investigate the theft of a famous sculptor’s collection of wine in the fifteenth novel, Crimson Shore.While it’s not his normal type of case, he decides to take it on and travels with his ward, Constance Greene, to the town of Exmouth on the coast of Massachusetts. He […]

Review of The Midnight Watch by James Rollins

In this Sigma Force short story, The Midnight Watch,Joe Kowalski finally gets a little adventure of his own. When the Smithsonian Institutes servers are hacked, it appears the work of a visiting biologist looking into ancient DNA is being targeted. Kowalski and Sigma intelligence analyst Jason Carter will race across the National Mall to the […]

Review of Kraken Rising by Greig Beck

The sixth Alex Hunter novel, Kraken Rising,returns us to where it all began in Beneath the Dark Ice.A distress signal from a missing US submarine has been detected beneath the ice of Antarctica and it’s a race against the clock against the Chinese to get their first. The Arcadian, Alex Hunter is being sent beneath […]

Review of Hammer of God by Greig Beck

The Arcadian is back for his next adventure in Hammer of God.When giant lumbering men start turning up in the Middle East with nuclear bombs strapped to their backs, Alex Hunter and his small team of HAWCs join Israeli Mossad agent Adira Senesh and her team on a mission to discover the source and stop any […]