Review of Kraken Rising by Greig Beck

The sixth Alex Hunter novel, Kraken Rising,returns us to where it all began in Beneath the Dark Ice.A distress signal from a missing US submarine has been detected beneath the ice of Antarctica and it’s a race against the clock against the Chinese to get their first. The Arcadian, Alex Hunter is being sent beneath […]

Review of Hammer of God by Greig Beck

The Arcadian is back for his next adventure in Hammer of God.When giant lumbering men start turning up in the Middle East with nuclear bombs strapped to their backs, Alex Hunter and his small team of HAWCs join Israeli Mossad agent Adira Senesh and her team on a mission to discover the source and stop any […]

Review of The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child

Enigmalogist Jeremy Logan has been called in to investigate the death of a scientist at Lux, a prestigious think tank in Newport, RI, where he discovers The Forgotten Room.It resides in a closed off wing of estate, with no obvious  means to enter it, save the hole in the wall started by workmen. Inside is […]

Review of Crave by Liliana Hart

In the eleventh MacKenzie Security novel, Crave,Cal Colter is none too happy to be placed on babysitting duty for Evangeline Lockwood, daughter of the former CIA Deputy Director and a girl he practically grew up with in her household. Ever since Cal found out Evangeline was a hacker known as The Black Lily and forced […]

Review of Tracker by C.J. Cherryh

Just as paidhi-aiji Bren Cameron is finally able to catch his breath in the sixteenth Foreigner novel, Tracker,he gets word that the alien kyo’s ship is approaching the Atevi world and he needs to get up to the orbiting space station immediately. Along with Aiji-ma Illisidi and young-Aiji Cajeiri and their bodyguards, they’ll go into […]