Review of The First Bird: Episode 2 by Greig Beck

Where did we leave off in The First Bird: Episode 1? Linguist Matt Kearns was in South America looking for the cure to a new parasite that was running rampant in the US. The group he was with had just arrived in the sheltered primordial ecosystem where the parasite originated. When we continue in The […]

Review of The Eye of God by James Rollins

The world is once again in danger in the newest Sigma Force novel, The Eye of God.Two different events both predict the world will end in four days, thanks to a comet named IKON. The first is the arrival of a package in Rome to Monsignor Vigor Verona, containing a skull with marking predicting the […]

Review of The First Bird: Episode 1 by Greig Beck

I really love getting Advanced Reader Copies of books. That’s how I came to get Greig Beck’s newest story, The First Bird: Episode 1.This story follows reluctant hero and linguist Matt Kearns from Beneath the Dark Iceand Black Mountain.It’s being released in three parts and I’ve never reviewed something split up like this before. Should […]

Review of Pandemonium by Warren Fahy

After a three year wait, the hendros from Fragmentare back in Pandemonium.Only a few months have passed since the destruction of Hender’s Island and the hendros are in hiding, essentially captive. They have only a small group of humans who stay with them. Two of those people are Hender’s survivors Nell and Geoffrey Binswanger, who […]

Review of Shadows and Silk by Liliana Hart

Okay, I couldn’t keep myself from reading the newest MacKenzie Family book, Shadows and Silk.I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. This book takes place four years after Cade,with the MacKenzies and Brant Scott still trying to bring down the remnants of the Del Fuego Cartel, whose operations have been moved […]