Review of Extinction Point by Paul Anthony Jones

When the red rain came, reporter Emily Baxter avoided coming in contact with it or it’s residue in Extinction Point.That’s probably the only thing that kept her alive when everyone around her in New York City died a violent death. But her nightmare has only started when the monsters start coming out and the world as […]

Review of Gathering Storm by Victoria Danann

When Engel Storm, retired Knight of the Black Swan, gets lost in another dimension thanks to his father-in-law in Gathering Storm, his friends and family rally to find him. When his father-in-law, the Demon Deliverance, returns with the wrong Storm, they decide to use look-a-like Angel Storm to hide the fact that their Storm is missing. […]

Review of Bannerless by Carrie Vaughn

When investigators Enid of Haven and her partner Tomas are sent to the village of Pasadan to investigate a suspicious death in Bannerless.They live in a post apocalyptic world where rules are very important. Households can’t go over their quotas, children can’t be born without a banner and investigators are viewed with fear and hostility. It’s […]

Review of Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine

When we last left Jess Brightwell and his friends, they had escaped London to go to Philadelphia, a city under siege that’s run by Burners in the third Great Library story, Ash and Quill.While Philadelphia is an enemy of the Library, they’re no friends of Jess and the others. The only thing they have to […]

Review of Dawn of Eve by Pam Godwin

Dawn of Evehas a lot to live up to as the Daughter of Eve. Prophesied to save mankind, she’s fought the Hybrids tirelessly and worked to rescue the human women from imprisonment. But once she herself is captured and imprisoned, everything will change. Once she meets Salem, she starts to want the things she’s never […]