Review of Rituals by Kelley Armstrong

In the fifth and last Cainsville story, Rituals,Olivia Taylor-Jones, aka Eden Larsen, is finally learning about the deals that were made to cure her spina bifida and how there is a third group looking for her to cast her lot with them to ensure their continued livelihood. The Slaugh were the ones who cured her […]

Review of Blaze by Suzanne Wright

Harper Wallis still doesn’t completely trust the happiness she’s found with Knox Thorne in Blaze.As Knox plans a party to celebrate their mating, trouble comes from within his own lair when one of his demons kidnaps another and then keeps trying to get to Knox to kill him. But there’s something else going on behind […]

Review of The Turn by Kim Harrison

Back in the early sixties,¬†two trained elf geneticists, a girl named Trisk and a boy named Kal, competed for the same jobs at their college fair in Hollows prequel, The Turn. Kal ended up losing his dream job at NASA thanks to his feud with Trisk, which Trisk was offered a job working for a […]

Review of Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

The world is in trouble and it’s up to MacKayla Lane to save it in the ninth Fever Novel, Feversong.But first, she has the little problem is being possessed by The Sinsar Dubh and the Fae book is determined to cause as much harm to those Mac loves as it’s able to. As black holes […]

Review of Lost Souls by Kelley Armstrong

While Olivia Taylor-Jones is out of town with her boyfriend Ricky, lawyer Gabriel Marsh is offered a case he’s knows she’ll find interesting in Cainesville novella Lost Souls.A hitchhiking ghost right out of an urban legend is leading people astray and in some recent cases, causing them to commit suicide. Liv agrees to help of […]