Review of Stolen Dreams by Terri Reid

A newspaper article right before Halloween puts a pregnant Mary O’Reilly in the spotlight in the 14th paranormal mystery, Stolen Dreams.A man wanting to prove his house is haunted wants to hire her, but Mary doesn’t get a good vibe from him and calls in her friend Ian for backup. Then there’s a dreams Mary’s been having about […]

Review of Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch

Probationary Constable Peter Grant is about to find himself a new line of work when he talks to a ghost at a murder site in Midnight Riot.While looking for the ghost a second time, he meets Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale, who offers him a job investigating crimes committed with magic and an opportunity to learn magic […]

Review of A Wild Fright in Deadwood by Ann Charles

After Violet Parker gets another message from ghostly Prudence, she ends up on the Deadwood Police radar again in A Wild Fright in Deadwood.But this time Detective Cooper is starting to believe Violet’s stories of what’s going on in Deadwood and he’s willing to help if it will close cases. Along with an unusual gift […]

Review of Urban Allies edited by Joseph Nassise

There’s nothing like getting to visit with some favorite characters outside of their series and we get just that in Urban Allies. Let’s talk about my favorite stories. Tailed by Seanan McGuire and Kelley Armstrong – What happens when Verity Price and Elena Michaels happen to be in the same place at the same time? […]

Review of Buried Innocence by Terri Reid

When the ghost of a five year old girl scares a mother, Mary O’Reilly gets called in to help in the thirteenth book of the series, Buried Innocence.The child had been a re-homed adoption, who was murdered by the couple who last had her. But she isn’t the only one they’ve done this too. Mary […]