Review of Good Tidings by Terri Reid

The second Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery, Good Tidings,starts with the kidnapping of a baby on Black Friday. Soon after, ghost investigator Mary is contacted by the ghost of six year old Joey, the dead brother of the missing boy. He wants Mary to help find his brother. Mary calls in her friend, Police Chief Bradley […]

Review of Loose Ends by Terri Reid

It’s always fun to discover a new series and this time I’ve found the Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries, starting with Loose Ends.Mary O’Reilly died after being shot on the job as a Chicago police officer. Now she sees ghosts and has a paranormal detective agency to help them resolve what keeps them stuck on this […]

Review of Possession by Kat Richardson

Greywalker Harper Blaine is back in for a new mystery in the eight book of the series, Possession.This time she’s been hired by a woman whose sister is in a pervasive vegetative state, but she sits up and paints pictures of the same scenes over and over. Harper can see the ghosts hovering around the […]

Review of Drop Dead Beauty by Wendy Roberts

Sadie Novak is back for another great Ghost Dusters Mystery with Drop Dead Beauty.Sadie’s good friend Detective Dean Petrovich has been accused of murdering his ex-wife and he wants Sadie’s help proving he’s innocent. After visiting the spa where she was killed, Sadie finds herself the victim of vandalism, home invasion, being forced off the […]

Review of Keep Me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell

Sophie Rhodes is desperate for a new job in Keep Me Ghosted,the first book in a new series. She applies for a job as a receptionist in an optometrist HA Callahan’s office, where he hasn’t been able to keep an employee since he moved in to the building. Sophie quickly figures out why. Dr. Callahan […]