Review of Frayed Edges by Terri Reid

When college student Ruth McCredie is shot to death, her killer is probably thinking her body won’t be found until next spring in the seventeenth Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery, Frayed Edges.But Mary finds the newly murdered woman while helping cholera victims pass over in a cemetery and vows to help her find the person who […]

Review of Jesse’s Hideout by Kallypso Masters

Greg Buchanan hasn’t been to his grandmother’s house in Kentucky for over a decade. Reputed to have been one of┬áJesse’s James hiding spots, the house is now run as bed and breakfast called Jesse’s Hideoutby Tillie Hamilton, who inherited the house from Greg’s grandmother Amelia. Greg isn’t happy that Tillie claims the house is haunted […]

Review of Deadly Circumstances by Terri Reid

There’s a lot going on in the sixteenth Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery, Deadly Circumstances.Mary is approached by two ghosts who believe they were murdered and want Mary to help find out who killed them. Mary and Bradley go to his high school reunion and bring home an unwanted poltergeist. And an old friend of Bradley’s […]

Review of Haunted Tales by Terri Reid

In Mary O’Reilly’s newest story, Haunted Tales,Mary investigates the forty year old death of her client’s former school teacher. A pregnant Mary doesn’t think they’ll be any risk to her or her baby, but when it becomes obvious that the killer is still out there, things could get very dangerous for Mary very quickly. There […]

Review of Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris

When Harper Connelly is called in to “read” the graves in an old graveyard, she’s stunned to find a new body in one of the graves in Grave Surprise. Even worse, it’s the body of a little girl she was hired to help find two years previously. While suspicion falls on Harper and her stepbrother […]