Review of Graveyard Shift by Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin just can’t seem to stay out of trouble in the latest book, Graveyard Shift.This time it’s Garden View Cemetery resident Eliot Ness asking for Pepper’s help finding his missing ashes. When the suspect is murdered and Pepper’s boyfriend Quinn, her boss and her mother all start acting strangely, things go from bad to […]

Review of The Ten Club by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

King is back and he’s not the same man who sacrificed himself to save his brother Mack in the fifth book in the series, The Ten Club.Mack’s plan is to kill the new evil King, but first King’s wife Mia wants some answers of her own and she’s willing to play a dangerous game with […]

Review of Rattling the Heat in Deadwood by Ann Charles

The heat is turned up high on Violet Parker in the newest Deadwood Humorous Mystery, Rattling the Heat in Deadwood.Detective Hawke is more determined than ever to pin a murder on Violet and if she can’t prove she’s innocent, she could end up in jail.┬áProving it won’t be that easy, but the truth could prove […]

Review of Jericho by Alex Gordon

Lauren Reardon is still recovering from finding out about her family history with the town of Gideon and the Children of Endor, a sect of witches who protect the ‘thin’ places. Now she’s been ‘called’ back to the Pacific Northwest and the lost town of Jerichoin the Oregon forest. Lauren suspects something isn’t right there […]

Review of Delayed Departures by Terri Reid

A very pregnant Mary O’Reilly gets a surprise visit from a paranormal investigative team just after Thanksgiving in the eighteenth book, Delayed Departures.They want Mary to be part of their TV show, but when someone tries to kill one of them, Mary and her friends will do whatever it takes to help the man and […]