Review of Devastate by Pam Godwin

Ex-slave Tate Vades has been in love with Camila Dias since he met her, but she’s with the love of her life now. In Devastate,he’s on the hunt for Camila’s lost sister, Lucia, who has been missing and presumed dead for¬†eleven years. With the help of a professional, Lucia is located in Venezuela, but she’s […]

Review of Block Party by Stylo Fantome

The third Twin Estates story centers around building owner Liam Edenhoff, who’s still feeling the sting of losing Katya Tocci to his former business partner, Wulfric Stone. In Block Party,Liam finds himself suddenly attracted to Ayumi Nakada, Wulf’s right hand person, who is also doing Liam’s books for him. Ayumi wasn’t looking for anything serious […]

Review of Claim by Sierra Cartwright

Submissive Makenzie Farrell isn’t interested in another series relationship after her divorce in the seconds Bonds book, Claim.She was pretty sure Dominant businessman¬†Kennedy Aldrich knew that before they scened together. But Kennedy is determined to keep her and prove to her that he won’t break her trust like other men in her life have. Unfortunately, […]

Review of Over the Line by Sierra Cartwright

Sydney Wallace isn’t looking for anything permanent when she visits the Den in Over the Line.In fact, she avoids it so well that she’s got a reputation among the Doms there. But that doesn’t dissuade Master Michael Dayton from approaching her for a scene. After Sydney goes home with him, the two start seeing each […]

Review of Playing Hard to Master by Sparrow Beckett

Everly is a submissive brat who hasn’t been able to find the Dom who can handle her in Playing Hard to Master.Then she meets Ambrose when he comes into the salon she works at for a haircut. He’s a Dom who not only likes a challenge, he likes a bratty one. There’s only one problem. […]